Attack on Titan Fan/Tribute Racing: Feng Lee vs Guedin vs Roark

Your Meister today is Patrick

Another AoT video! Who would have guessed? Not me… well, maybe kind of me. It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve been wanting to do more with this game for a while now. Not too much though. We’re not going to suddenly become an AoT channel, but these games deserve their fair share of love.

Table of Contents:
0:05 -Feng Lee Akina
2:30 -Guedin Simple
3:39 -Roark Trial I
4:22 -Roark S Time
5:00 -Guedin Advanced
5:43 -Feng Lee Levi PV

If the camera appears to be “glitching” in Feng Lee’s game, just know that it’s by design. That’s just how the game works.

Game Links and how to play them:

*How to play Feng Lee’s Tribute Game:*
The way that I am playing it is using an app on my computer called GameLoad. I can’t assure any safety in downloading it, but I’ve had it for more than a year and haven’t noticed any viruses yet. All you do is download the app here:
(Not the chrome extension. I couldn’t get that to work.) and then it works the same as any other web browser. You open it and there is a little globe button in the top left that lets you enter a URL. Next you copy and paste the game’s URL ( into the Omnibox in the app and the game should play. It’s been wonderful for me as I play this game nearly once a day, haha.

*Alternate Feng Lee option*
Any version of Firefox that is Firefox 52 or older supports Unity web browser games.

*Third option for Feng Lee*
You could try downloading the RC Mod version:

And that will get you a downloaded version of something very similar, but the physics aren’t quite the same as the real version. You probably won’t be able to tell, though, if you’ve never played the real game before. I personally have been playing the web browser version too long so I don’t really like it very much, personally.

*How to play Guedin’s Fan Game:*
You have to download it here:
There are two versions. The top one “Guedin’s Attack on Titan Fan Game” has titans and graphic setting, but no training mode. The second one “Guedin’s Attack on Titan Fan Game – Training & Race” has training, but no titans and no ability to change settings so either you can run it or not.

*How to play Fan Game by Roark:*
You have to download it here:
Once it’s downloaded, you can play it straight from it’s (.exe) file. The game will start on a white window labeled “AoT Configuration” that has two tabs: “Graphics” and “Input”. Use the first tab to input your screen’s resolution and other preferred display style/settings. On the second tab, you should see all the controls there. All you have to do is double click on one of the listed controls and then click the button you would like to change it to. When you’re done, just click the button that says “Play!” and it should start right up.


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